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Stoops, sidewalks, balconies, window ledges, rooftops, and backyards. A huge thank you to the people who make our surroundings a more beautiful place.

New York City Neighborhoods

New York City Neighborhoods
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stoops in Brooklyn Heights


Jill said...

Amazing shots. I particularly like the ones w/the dogs :) Makes me want to garden and paint my front door purple or something eye catching. I'll run that by the coop board and see what they think ;) Keep up the great work!!

Dee Ann said...

Have to say, you took some fabulous pictures in such a fast, effective way! Seeing the end result after watching you zipping around, is proof of your natural talent. We will visit your blog in the future to reminisce about our trip to NYC, and see all of your beautiful pictures. My kids think it was neat meeting someone with their own website. (You're famous!) :)
Take care,
The Hackney family from Florida